Jun 302017

If they really are from the Union of Galactic Civilizations we are in luck. This will give us a good chance to get to a nearby space port unmolested.

Uh, hey, is this on?

… do you think it is wise to just let him on board without checking his background or any other security measures?
He is from Rainbow Planet, Daia. They are beyond non violent. I’m sure he will cooperate with everything you ask.
But this could still be some kind of ambush-
They literally don’t know what an ambush is. Also look at the size of that pod! There is no way anyone could be smuggled on board in that thing.
Uh… um… we are going to run a sensor check on you to see if you have any parasites or other stuff that shouldn’t be on board. If you could hold still for just a moment…

Alright, we’ll let you in now.