Jun 302017

Hello and welcome aboard the Jihi!

I am Jules, the captain of this vessel. Allow me to introduce my companions as well:

To my right is Daia. She is in charge of security and keeps us safe on our missions.

To my left is Jab. You already talked to him through the intercom. He is our mechanical mastermind that keeps the ship running. He also makes it not explode.

So who do I have the pleasure of speaking with? I can see you are a resident of Rainbow Planet, which is a rather rare sight.

Yes! I’m Ly, Rainbow Planet’s ambassador to planet Earth. And-

Ambassador! Welcome aboard ambassador Ly! To planet Earth no less. How curious… So, how did you end up in that pod of yours?

Well, I was urgently recalled to Rainbow Planet by the council. On my way there I was picked up by a group of people who… I think they wanted to bring me to Rainbow Planet for a fee? Eventually, I left the through the escape pod, becau-

He was abducted by pirates who wanted to use him as a hostage to get some kind of ransom from Rainbow Planet. If that plan failed, they would have sold him into slavery. A fellow captive helped him escape.

… And who are you?