Jun 302017

I am Wic. I’m tasked to bring Ly home safely.

This… doesn’t look like a communication device. What are you?
He’s an AI!

… I am.
Really? What classification?
On the Dagem scale I would be classified as a 5.

A five! Is the creation of that even legal in the UGC?
Uhh… I think it’s a legal grey area. This doesn’t look like tech of any civilization I know, thought, so it may have been created by someone who is not part of the UGC.

Hmm, alright. Lets deal with this later. Welcome aboard Wic! No more surprises I hope?
Ambassador Ly, it’s standard procedure for castaways to undergo a medical exam. Daia will take you there and probably do some more standard procedure security things. We can discuss the arrangements for your journey home later.

Please follow me, ambassador.