Jul 012017

May I ask you a question?
Go ahead.

I haven’t seen any members of the crew besides the three who greeted us in the cargo bay. Isn’t that unusual for a ship this size?

True. However there are two reasons for that. The first being that the ship’s space is mostly used for storage. We are on a mission of mercy and provide food, shelter, medication and similar necessities as part of disaster relief.

The other reason is that we are currently lacking part of our crew. There are currently five members of the crew on board. The remaining three are already at our destination.

I see! So the missing part of your crew headed out early to assess the situation?

Yes and no. This is our second run, so we left part of the crew on location to help the locals, conduct research and – as you said – assess the situation. The planet we are heading to has been experiencing a severe drought. The assistance we provided on our first visit was insufficient to solve the problem, so we had to figure out a better way.