Jul 012017

Here is the doctor’s office. I’ll be waiting outside.

Oh! Haha! That’s a rare sight! So you are our little castaway.

Hello! I am-
Ambassador Ly and his little wristwatch companion Wic. Yes, yes. The captain already brought me up to speed! My name is Sheng and I am the chief physician of this fine vessel.

I’m going to do a standard examination to check for ailments the ship’s scanner can’t detect and to get a sense of your general fitness. I’d now tell you to strip, but you are already naked!

Alright, all done! It’s a good thing I’ve already had the pleasure of examining one of your kind before or this would have taken longer. Also the toxicological test would have been very confusing.

Oh! You have met some of my people before?
Just one. Quite the character. Anyway, before I let you go, there is one more thing we need to discuss…